Effects Of Storytelling On Oral Skills

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THE EFFECT OF STORYTELLING ON EFL YOUNG LEARNES’ ORAL KILLS 3 The Effect of Storytelling on EFL Young Learners’ Oral Skills Introduction English language teaching’s aim to young learners is helping them to develop communicative competence while they are growing in different cultures. However, in a traditional teaching method, the children are asked to memorize words and grammar. This gives students a dislike for English; thinking and learning English then becomes a difficult and boring process; and finally the children would tend to lose any motivation to learn English. Teaching English to children in a foreign language environment has always been one of the most challenging tasks. This area needs lots of creativity and it needs more creative approaches to keep up with the growing creativity among younger kids. Research is scarce into finding new techniques and strategies so far. One these techniques are storytelling which makes the learning context and process fun. Kumaravadivelu (2003) urges “learners learn the language best if they pay attention to the understanding, saying and doing something with language, and not when their attention is focused explicitly on linguistic forms”. Storytelling is also described as a teaching technique that has survived over time (Chambers, 1970). Mauro Dujmovic (2006) in his article …show more content…

Storytelling is “the use of voice, facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, and interaction to connect a tale with listeners” (Hsu, 2010, p.7). Storytelling is the interaction between the storyteller and the audience. Thus, while the storyteller uses his/her voice and gesture to convey a story, the audience physically reacts to it by squinting, staring or smiling, providing the storyteller with feedback on how storytelling is being

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