Effects Of Stress On The Human Body

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The human body responds to any external stimulus and its management by the human body by doing that specific task is the psychology of adjustment. Human beings adjust their needs and behaviors with the changes in the environment. Stress is one of the promising disease in the current world and most of the time people dealing with the stress even do not know they are suffering from a disease or psychological disorder. Adjustment is the key to manage the daily life, as most of the people who failed to deal with the adjustment faces severe issues of mental stress, health decline and poor work efficiency. To deal with the adjustment of the psychological needs of the human body most of the people use to do day dreaming methodology to relax. Impact of Stress on Human Body Most of us feel stress in daily life and sometimes it serves a positive purpose and most of the times it is just a negative force, which pull your body like a negative force. Prolonged period of stress may be chronic and difficult to manage and treated. Everyday life when you feel your hands sweeting and you feel nerves, these are the clear signs of stress and one should need to find the reason of this stress and also tackle it with stress adjustment methods. Entire body is controlled with the hormones and these hormones act differently with the change in the environment. Stress directly hurts your food intake and the development of hormones in the body, so people eat a lot and others do not even eat while having

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