Effects Of The Crusades On Western Civilizations

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Stephanie Alfonso April 27,2016 Humanities Consequences of the Crusades The crusades were a series of religious wars that though they took place centuries ago, they are still often discussed today. The crusades were a religious war between the Christian and Muslim states that lasted years. “The Byzantine Empire, which had thrived spread over the coastal areas of the Mediterranean…now found itself increasingly challenged by the navies and pirates of Isla. The contest between these two sides were to generate seeds of the first Crusade” (Paine 8-9). Some claim that the Crusades offered nothing but a negative impact to western civilization, however, that may not be the case. On the contrary, the Crusades provided a positive short-term and…show more content…
This also cause the split between the Eastern and Western orthodox churches to deepen. Some believe that one of the wars was based on some wanting to impose the authority of the Roman church to the east, though this assumption has never been proven. The great schism divided Christendom into Eastern orthodox churches and Roman catholic churches. The tension between the split of these two types of churches was heightened then heightened by the pope and patriarch by not allowing the Greek and Latin languages in their churches. “Both the Byzantine Orthodox church and the Roman catholic church attempted to wipe out divergent practices and beliefs…” (Paine 12). There was also tension over which church held more authority. The crusades however did not only have short-term consequences, these wars also had a large long term consequences on development of western civilization. Including long-term economic benefits, advancements in technology, and a growth in urban culture. One of the long-term affects the crusades had on western civilization is the economic benefits. As discussed in one of the previous paragraphs, western Europe benefited economically of the crusades because of trade. This benefits the development of western civilization because it opened the opportunity to have long distance trade. Many of these trades were able to happen because of this accessibility to the Mediterranean allowing them to trade with the far east. Allowing
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