Effects Of The Pregnancy On Children

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With advances in technology, pregnant women are often able to make decisions about their pregnancies. Nuchal translucency screening tests are used to determine the probability of the fetus having chromosomal abnormalities (Gottfredsdóttir, Björnsdóttir, & Sandall, 2009). Due to these technological advancements, there have been many debates raised in regards to terminating or continuing with the pregnancy if tests indicate abnormalities. In this paper, I will discuss he mental effects of the mother in both abortion and continuing cases, the physical effects in both scenarios as well as their decisions implications for society. To begin, mental health is something extremely essential to as person’ well being. If a mother is faced with a…show more content…
The other perspective on the word regret is, some mothers did not have a choice to have screening tests done. They were unaware that their child would be born with chromosomal abnormalities. One mother explained that “I know this will shock many: this is my son, whom I 've loved, nurtured and defended for nearly half a century, but if I could go back in time, I would abort him in an instant” (Relf, 2014). In case’s such as this there can be regret because they have experiences the challenges and they did not have a choice. Furthermore, not all mental states are negative relates to Down syndrome parents. A woman explained that her husband was unsure about keeping their disabled baby, but she was more than sure and she felt the love that the baby was radiating. In her story, she explained that the moment their baby as born her husband was able to understand because he also felt the love at that moment (Pixley, 2015). Sometimes what seems so scary is really something that will make you grown and learn. For some, continuing their pregnancy knowing that their baby will have Down Syndrome is a no brainer but for others it can be an incredibly painful decision. For some mothers continuing their pregnancy once they are aware of chromosomal abnormalities is not an option. Due to this life altering decision they are exposed to several factors that can affect their mental health. The first factor to consider is trauma. For a large number of women abortions are a traumatic
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