Effects and Techniques in Haiku

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Task 1 Question 1 a) The immediate effect of the poem on me was confusion and irritation. I felt it was deceptive. It looked so simple, and was so short, yet I could see no meaning behind it. It frustrated me that even after several re-readings all I could think was a bird in a tree. Upon re-visiting the poem, I concentrated on how it made me feel –melancholy, wistful, yet also peaceful. I found I liked it despite the sadness it seemed to evoke. b) I think the subject matter is a bird in a bare tree, at dusk. (98) Question 2 a) Techniques used in this poem are: • Alliteration “bare branch” (Line 1) • Assonance “rook roosts” (Line 2) “autumn dusk” (Line 3) • “Kigo” – a word stating or suggesting a…show more content…
(444) Task 2 Question 1 I found Task 1, Question 1, the easiest part of the assignment. I could quite clearly remember my feelings upon the first reading of the assignment and it was easy to see how these had changed after working through the course material. I found Task 1, Question 3 the most challenging part of the assignment. I felt I was repeating my answers to the other questions and therefore worried I wasn’t hitting the points the question was trying to bring out from me. Question 2 A quick plan of the answer before I started writing it probably would have been helpful to show how the answer built upon my answers to questions 1 and 2. This would have allayed my fears and saved time checking that I was expanding and explaining my ideas rather than just repeating them. (142) References Baugh, T., Brickley, P., Perryman, L.A. (2006) Making sense of the arts, Milton Keynes, The Open
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