Essay on Effects of Divorce on the Family

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Effects of Divorce on the Family

Statistics of the Stepfamily Foundation suggest that about one out of every two marriages ends in divorce and more American children will most likely be living in a stepfamily situation in the year 2000. Most parents agree that a divorce of a family has a negative effect on children and stepfamilies are harder on a child's development than living in a nuclear family. Dr. Judith Wallerstein has studied 25 years of the effects of a divorce on 26 children. She concluded that in the her group study of children were generally less disciplined, had more health problems, displaced a more antisocial behavior, exhibited lower academic performance and suffered from physiological or sexual problems.
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The mother was also from a divorced/stepfamily home with her mother and father getting divorced when their mom was around six years of age. Her parents also remarried and formed stepfamilies situations as she gained stepsiblings. The following interview of the two brothers' feelings and outcomes of their lives in the family situations was compared to the studies by Dr. Wallerstein and CLASP. Their responses were analyzed to draw conclusions about similarities and differences between each other and the research data.

The Divorce Interview
Q: Did you ever feel guilty or think you caused the divorce of your mother and father? If so why?
Oldest Brother: No, not really.
Middle Brother: No
Q: In the weeks or months leading up to the divorce, did your mother or father explain to why they were deciding to get a divorce?
Oldest Brother: Yes. Both mom and dad explained that they were getting divorced. The most important thing that they wanted me to know was that none of what was happening was because of us (brothers). Mom seemed to be keeping things to herself, and after mom left, dad just didn't want to talk about it at all.
Middle Brother: I don't remember.
Q: Did you ever see or hear your parents them argue? How often and were the arguments mentally or physically abusive or violent?
Oldest Brother: No, I never ever heard dad and mom argue.
Middle Brother: I don't remember, I was about 6 or 7 years old.
Q: Did you have the feeling
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