Effects of The Yazoo Land Sale Scandal

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The American Revolution marked the beginning of a new era for the colonies. The newly established states were met with a set of unique challenges. One of the challenges Georgia encountered was settling an international land dispute with Spain. In 1783, the Treaty of Paris formally ended the Revolutionary War and Spain was given back their Florida territory. However, Spain had also asserted ownership of land east of the Mississippi and North of the Yazoo River which Georgia had also claimed. Georgia was left to settle this international land dispute on their own. Georgia’ solution to this land dispute was to settle the Yazoo Lands. Georgia legislatures needed to ensure that they could quickly settle these lands and began taking offers from land speculators. However, the process by which these land speculating companies would acquire these lands would ultimately have a significant impact on the state of Georgia. The Yazoo Land Sale Scandal had many effects, yet one of the most significant events to indirectly come from this scandal would be the Trail of Tears (NGE: Yazoo Land Fraud). The most important themes and trends in Georgia’s history from the end of the American Revolution through the late 1830s are symbolized by the Yazoo Sale, its origin, and its aftermath. The first attempt to sell the Yazoo land was when three companies offered to purchase lands from Georgia legislators. The deal created between Georgia legislations and the companies was that it was not required

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