Eleanor And Park Bullying Essay

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Bullying is a major problem among teens. Eleanor and Park is about one day when a weird new girl walked onto the school bus. She’s awkward and big. She has big red curly hair and boy’s clothes on. This is Eleanor. She walks down the bus looking for a seat but nobody will give up their empty seat, till finally a boy rudely gives up his empty seat and meanly tells her to sit down. This is Park. Day after day, they sit next to each other, but don’t talk. Silence fills those two seats as Park listens to his walkman and reads comics while Eleanor thinks about her miserable home life. One day, Park catches Eleanor reading his comics with him. At first, he just starts to turn the pages slower and checks to see if she’s done. Then, he starts to bring …show more content…

People who get bullied are usually bullied by people who are jealous of them or sometimes even their friends can bully them without realizing that they were doing it. At such an emotional age in life, bullying can have a huge impact n someone’s life. In the book Eleanor and Park, Eleanor is being bullied, so Park wanted to fight the people who were bullying her, “‘I’m tired of them embarrassing you.’ Steve was getting off the bus, and Park clenched his fists again. ‘Embarrassing me?’ she said. ‘Or embarrassing you?’” (Rowell PDF). Park is angry because Steve and the other people on the bus were making fun of Eleanor. Park is tired of the kids on the bus embarrassing Eleanor, but I think a part of Park is embarrassed to be seen with her. In Eleanor and Park, Eleanor had just gone through another issue of bullying, “Park walked out of a door on the opposite side of the hallway and stopped as soon as he saw her. … Park’s face turned red. He stared at her. She pulled down her shorts and stumbled forward, running the last few steps to the counselors’ offices.” -Narrator (Rowell PDF). Eleanor’s clothes were stolen and flushed down the toilet. She was walking to her counselor’s office and ran into Park. Park has never seen so much of Eleanor’s body, because it is always covered with …show more content…

It is important to read about bullying through fiction, like the book Eleanor and Park, because it helps the reader get a sense of what bullying is like and what it does to the person being bullied. Many teenagers go through the saame thing Eleanor went through, such as physical and emotional abuse, which is why bullying is relevant in the real world. Learning through fiction will give the students a better outlook on bullying and it will help them understand the importance of stopping bullying. As seen throughout this essay, bullying is a dangerous behavioral problem that can lead to long lasting effects not only on the victim, but also on the bully. In some cases, bullying can even lead the victim to

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