Electoral College Function

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Structure and function of the Electoral College
The Electoral College is a process that was enjoined in the constitution by America’s founding fathers such as Hamilton. Its primary purpose is to offer a compromise between the election of the president by a popular vote of competent citizens and determination of the president by a vote in Congress (Jost and Giroux 44). The second purpose for its formation was to be part of the organization of government that gave special authority to the smaller states.
Why was it created and by whom?
The Electoral College is made up 538 voters of whom to elect the head of state, a majority of 270 electoral votes is needed in order for the a presidential candidate to win the electoral vote. The allotted …show more content…

The consequence of the college over the popular vote is the fact all states are given a chance to select the president, for example in the year 2000 there was controversy in Florida over disputed votes count, but their votes counted in the Electoral College. Another advantage is that the college certifies the outcome of a presidential election. Also, the Electoral College systems aim is to protect the choice of illiterate voters who can be easily manipulated through the traditional vote.
The Continued Existence of the Electoral College and its Value
The most important reason why the college is still existent is to ensure that all states are equally represented in the election of the president. The voter enjoys the value of the college vote since it protects him or her from electing someone who is not fit or responsible enough to hold the position of the president of the United States. The college vote is also valuable to a citizen since the delegates seating in the college are selected by the citizen (Bromwich 2). Therefore, they represent his or her will and opinion to the fullest. Another advantage of the college is that it produces clear and legit winners. The difference between the presidential candidates in the college vote is usually bigger than the one in the

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