Electoral College System Analysis

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Every four years the United States of America hold a nationwide election to decide the next president. Since the beginning of the United States, there has been a public vote in which the candidate with the popular vote wins the presidency. However over 56 elections the outcome has differed from the popular vote 4 times. This shows a clear problem in the system the states continuously use.
When election day begins, Americans cast their ballots for the president of the states. Except there’s a catch, they don’t vote direct for the president. The system has over the years become quite controversial because the electoral college has many flaws. The electoral college is a collection of 538 votes that determine who the president.
Why 538? Each state, …show more content…

This becomes hectic when 48 of the states have a winner-takes-all system meaning the popular vote in California receives all 55 votes, the other two, Nebraska and Maine have proportional representation.
Proportional representation is a possibly fairer way of handing out electoral votes, this can be seen in this year's election because in Maine the Democratic party received 3 of the 4 votes while the Republicans gained 1. This might be a clearer system for the Americans to adopt because of the accurate spread of …show more content…

Well, rewind to the 1700s where the country was young, large and the only way to pass information was a man on a horse. They would write a message down and hope the messenger didn’t die on the way. So, they created a system where the most powerful men in an area would join together in Washington with the most up to date information and decide the next president. So now it makes us wonder why would this still be in place if information can travel at lightning speeds.
People have been trying to tear apart the electoral college for years but the only people that could dismantle such methods are the people who work there and I doubt they’d want to lose their jobs over it.
To conclude, the Americans have baffled our ancestors with a system which allows powerful electors to change the vote of the people but have intrigued us with their ability to save America from itself for years- and I doubt their ways will change in the near future to a more systematic election process. I truly believe they will never be a United state besides they’ll destroy the state of their nation beforehand

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