Electric Shock Therapy Holocaust

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There were more than 40,000 concentration camps during the Holocaust. One of the worst and most destructive camp was Auschwitz, which was located in southern Poland (“Gilbert” 1). It contained three camps that were all known as Auschwitz. Auschwitz was a death camp and a concentration camp that claimed the lives of thousands. Survivors say that when the doors first open on the boxcar at Auschwitz there was an orchestra playing, this was to trick the prisoners into thinking there were somewhere better (“The Death Camps” 21). Physician Gisella Perl described the overall picture of Auschwitz she received when she first arrived as “Like big, black clouds, the smoke of the crematory hung over the camp. Sharp red tongues of flame licked the sky, …show more content…

This is when they would shock a person’s brain with an electric current. The purpose of electric shock therapy was to see if they could change chemicals in the brain that effect certain things. In today’s world, electric shock therapy is down by a professional and the patient is under anesthesia so the patient is unaware of pain and what is happening. According to Web MD electric shock therapy is stilled used today to treat depressed or suicidal patients, it is also used to help treat Mania and other mental illnesses (“WebMD”). During the Holocaust, they also tried different experiments on people to see if they could change a person’s eye color and other inherited traits. The goal of the German doctors at that time was to if they could cure certain disease by doing procedure that weren’t commonly done before this …show more content…

This was very difficult for most people because while they were gone their homes and everything they owned was taken from them. Many people that survived soon immigrated to another country. Some of the most popular countries were: The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South America, Australia and Palestine (“Rice Jr.” 94). As they were leaving the only home they had every known many experienced extreme grief and sadness. Many of them were leaving without members of their families that had been taken from them to soon. According to Laszlo Schwartz, a Holocaust survivor, he says that after it ended all he wanted to do was forget about it until about twenty years ago, when he finally started telling his story (Holocaust History). This was very common amongst survivors.
The Nazis killed over eleven million people during the Holocaust. All of these lives were thought to be inferior to the Nazi Party. The Nazis also believed that the Jews were the reason that the Germans lost World War 1. The Holocaust was a unjustifiable persecution of Jews and other minorities in Germany in the

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