Electrocardiogram Research Paper

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This paper presents a real-time electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring system for wearable devices. The system is based on the proposed parallel Delta Modulator architecture with local maximum points and local minimum points algorithms to detect QRS and PT waves. Therefore, using the proposed system and algorithm, real-time PR and RT interval measurements can be achieved. The algorithm is tested with the MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database and achieves above 99%, 91%, 98% accuracy in QRS complex, P wave, and T wave detections, respectively. Experimental results are presented from the system prototype, in which the parallel delta modulator circuits are fabricated in IBM 0.13 μm standard CMOS technology and the algorithms are implemented in a Xilinx …show more content…

In wearable ECG sensors design, QRS detection is one of the most important parts. Current QRS detection systems could be mainly divided into two categories: one needs additional computation help usually via DSPs or CPUs, like wavelet transforms [7], or artificial neural networks [8], these algorithms with complicated computation can obtain very precise detection results, but they are uneasy to be implemented in wearable devices because of the power consumption. Another type of QRS detection system combines DSP and ADC and processes data in real time, which can get reasonably precise results with low hardware complexity, like on-chip cross-correlation [9], integrate and fire pulse train automaton [10], pulse triggered and time-assisted pulse triggered [11], and input- feature correlated algorithm [12]. Since ECG signal has a wide fractional bandwidth in the frequency spectrum, the analog to digital converter (ADC) in these systems usually applies oversampling in order to avoid signal distortion introduced by anti-aliasing filters due to the trade-off between fast roll- off and flat group delay [13]. Therefore, delta modulators and sigma-delta modulators are widely used in these systems. Thus, the algorithm for wearable ECG signals should be able to work with sigma-delta or delta bit streams since decimation filters are power hungry [14].

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