Electronic Discovery And The Legal World Essay

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Introduction It is no secret that technology has changed the way that many things are done in our culture today. The legal world is no exception. When lawyers work on cases, there is usually a lot of reading involved. This takes a lot of time and a team of lawyers that is expensive to employ. Electronic Discovery (e-discovery) is technology that has cut down on this time and cost, and has significantly changed the legal world. It is software that can analyze documents and extract key words or phrases. In a case concerning CBS, lawyers and paralegals examined 6 million documents at a cost of $2.2 million. With the use of e-discovery, one company was able to examine 1.5 million documents for $100,000. E-discovery can help lawyers pick out words, phrases and it can even detect patterns in behaviors. This software is essential for the legal world because it could prove guiltiness through uncovering hidden activity of criminals who may otherwise not have been caught.
Discussion Questions 1. Many of the advantages are listed above in the Introduction, but e-discovery includes much more than just reading through documents. The software can switch to different medias such as text messages, emails and telephone. The Cataphora software can also detect the feeling of an email. It can tell if the email has a positive or negative message. The main advantages, besides being able to sift through millions of documents that may uncover evidence, are

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