Electronic Health Records And Its Disadvantages

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Electronic Health Record Issues in Health Care Health information systems must work for those that are at the point of service. This is because they are the first point of contact and the face of the health care system. These individuals are usually doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and pharmacists who are providing patient care and need to maintain patient trust. Patient who seeks medical advice trust that treatment decisions made from providers consists of quality and care. By using electronic health records, provider communication will increase and medical errors will be reduced due to the ease of use. However, among these advantages, complications such as user resistance, cost and patient safety continues to challenge electronic health record implementations and further delay its use. In order to ensure electronic health records are ready for prime time, this paper will review the current issues of electronic health records and its disadvantages. Following this review, possible solutions will be provided to address the pressing issues of electronic health records. Finally, a conclusion will be made regarding how electronic health records should continue to deliver quality and help providers develop a patient centered care.
User Resistance First of all, users resist system changes due to the loss of productivity and lack of technological support. This is because every time there is a new system change, user work flows always change. When workflows change, the…
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