Electronic Health Records Case Report

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With many changes happening in healthcare more than often, most of the changes are done to make improvements, which majority do not see the same way. More people are very hesitant to make changes and are pretty stubborn in doing it. This makes the process more challenging for others. Furthermore, making changes in any form of business including healthcare, would take a strong dedicated leader who works with the stakeholders of the medical center to help change the process.
Being an administrator of a 50-employee clinic that is doing research on different types of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). First, I would assemble form a team of 4-6 members who will making the selection of a new EHR system. The team will consist of an administrator, …show more content…

Lastly, the medical billing/coding member can assist with standard communication. Also, transitioning to the International Classification of Dieases (ICD) codes,. Every team member would have input on defining their role with EHR for better access.
There will always be different opinions and disageements with team members. The best way to deal with disagreements is to know what each team member role is, and to have a plan put in place to deal with any disagreements. The first metod would the four main stages of team development. Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. Later a fifth stage of Adjourning/Transforming can be added. The forming is the initial phase of team building, members are ambiguous about their roles, rules, norms, and expectations from them (Kumar, 2014). Also, the next step is, storming where members tend to get into competitiveness, defensiveness, protectiveness, and conflict over roles and personalities; members may become critical of the leader and of each other (Kumar, 2014). Also, in norming members get to know each other, agree on the norms, working styles and systems to follow (Kumar, 2014). In performing the teams works with positive and inspired attitude to accomplish their goals. Finally, in adjourning, after completion of the team tasks, members bring a sense of closure and a connection between members (Kumar, 2014). The second building method would be Mentoring and coaching skills are a must for leaders and managers. Furthermore, in

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