Elements Of Chivalry And The Green Knight

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Chivalry (3 elements of Chivalry using green knight and author) Is giving knights a code a good thing? Chivalry is something that is very important in both of these stories. For the simple fact is because this is a code for knights and both stories have knights and both of them have a king they need to protect no matter what. It also gives the king a look at who actually follows this code and who is the bravest, loyal, or even has the strongest heart. It also shows people how good knights are and some of these elements even show up to the 21st century. There are 3 elements of chivalry in the green knight and author. The first kind of element that is in both stories is brave or courage because they have to protect their king no matter what. In the green knight, the king is having dinner or supper and the green knight come and says “For measured against mine, their might is puny and so I call in this court for a Christmas game, for tis yule, and new year, and many young bloods about; if any in his blood, his brain so wild, as stoutly to strike one stroke for another”. Lines 59 - 64. Now when this knight comes in and says this one of the knights have to go up and do it because if the king goes and fails there king will die. Now for author when he screams about the dream he had they are right there and ready, but when he tells the people about his dream and want a meeting he tells his knights “Look ye come on fiercely and slay that traitor Sir Mordred, for I in no wise

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