Elements Of My Identity

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A person’s identity is formed based on a variety of different factors. Every day, each individual on this planet is currently developing the elements of establishing an actual identity. An identity can be built through culture, family, friends, personal experiences, aspirations, interests, and even genetics! Some aspects tend to have a greater impact on creating a persons’ identity, and other aspects tend to have greater importance in a persons’ life than others. These factors are what make each and every one of us unique. Since the day was born, our parents have contributed significantly in developing our identities. Their guidance and better judgment have to lead us to become the human beings we are today. Not to mention, some of our…show more content…
I’ve come to apprehend that genetic plays a vital role in building my true identity, so if an attitude strikes in, just know, it was inherited from my mother Another important aspect that contributes to building an individual’s identity is the personal experience. During my short 18 years of life, I’ve experienced failure, achievement, and change along the way. Some of my proudest moments included becoming the salutatorian of the Allen Village High School graduating class of 2017. Despite the hard work and dedication I put in throughout the last four years, it was all worth it after I walked towards that stage to receive and be recognized for this achievement. Another outstanding achievement involved earning a nursing assistant certification. ‘I have worked hard and sacrificed my summer to complete the requirements needed to take the C.N.A. Missouri State Exam. The first time I took the exam, I failed by a couple of questions. This was the first time I`ve ever failed at something so major, and not to mention how devastated I was. I had let everyone who ever believed in me down, and it was the worst feeling I ever experienced. Then, my parent’s wise words and encouragement persuaded me to retake the exam on last final time. My heart skipped a beat when the examiner said, “you’ve passed.” It was then when I realized; I was on my way towards a successful life. As you were have noticed, I don’t take failure quite easy, but it is a part of
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