Elements of a Comprehensive and Integrated Labor Force Development System in Canada

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This paper examines the elements of a comprehensive and integrated labor force development system in Canada. Thus, it entails an important component of labor force and that can be shed light on labor system, which an individual can use moving through the system. A comprehensive and integrated labor force system also when well applied can prove very beneficial to country. Description of elements of a comprehensive and integrated labor force In order to have an effective and integrate d labor force development system, it has to offer a comprehensive choice of six element of programs and services, these elements include labor markets, information; life skills for example numeracy and language training; carrier counseling and pre-employment services like literacy; advancement and re-training, and job matching services, however, this are not the only services that can be offered, much more should be done. More so, the system has to operate as a unit, and not as single disjointed system, certain standards have to be meet by the system. According to Haddow and Sharpe (1997) the principles that guide an effective labor force development underlines that the system has to be of high quality; flexible; accountable; sensitive; fair;…
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