Elisabeth Kubler Ross On The Fear Of Death

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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in On the Fear of Death claims that through the year’s death is becoming a taboo topic. No one likes to talk about it and no one wants to ever be around it. Kubler-Ross attributes this to a deep and ancient fear of death. She argues that children today, in particular, have been sheltered from death to the point that they cannot deal or even process death. Although I agree with her point that children cannot deal with death, I cannot not accept the overall conclusion that it comes from a deep ancient fear of death. It is a reaction to an observed behavior, in very present adults, who haven’t learned to deal with death themselves.
In Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ work she offers specific examples of how mankind is drifting from and avoiding death, simply because as humans we cannot deal with or cope with death and dying. Kubler-Ross emphasizes that the way people today look at death is different than how it was viewed and coped with in years past, especially in children. According to our author, allowing children to be around death and mourn with adults, “Prepares them gradually and helps them view death as part of life, an experience which may help them grow and mature” (Kubler-Ross). By saying this she argues that the way adults and families hide death from children is wrong and can lead to problems later in their lives. Whereas Kubler-Ross provides ample evidence that children have a hard time dealing with death but by being with others can deal better, I…
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