Elizabethan Entertainment Essay

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In Elizabethan England, before the theatre was accepted, there were various forms of entertainment. Whether one lived in a small town or the great city of London, dances were very popular, as well as meeting with friends at the local pub for sing-alongs. Chess, checkers and tennis also happened to be popular games at the time, along with hunting, fencing and bear-baiting for the upper class. However, once the Globe Theatre was introduced in 1599, new standards for human fun and enjoyment were created (Mabillard). Because of the Globe Theatre, talented actors, and brilliant playwrights such as William Shakespeare, the world of entertainment has forever been changed. Before the world of theatre was popular, acting and plays were considered taboo. Elizabethan people loved entertainment. Feasts, fairs, and festivals were all common occurrences throughout the year, a lot of which were dictated by the Church and religious affiliations. Whenever there was something to celebrate, such as a betrothal, wedding, or a victory, the people of Elizabethan England were always eager to oblige. Linda Alchin writes that court entertainment was often a regular, nightly occurrence “combined with feasts, jousts and banquets often accompanied by music and dancing” (Alchin). All classes seemed to delight in the vicious form of entertainment known as bear-baiting, but it was without doubt Queen Elizabeth's favourite pastime. Dogs would be pitted against bears or bulls and onlookers would gather
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