Elizabethan Era of Music Culture Essay

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The music was played very often as a normal routine. People considered it a must to know how to play an instrument, sing, or be involved somehow with music in this age of time. Instruments in the 1600’s were able to make any type of music; the amazing part was no matter how many instruments you used it would always sound pure and the same. Another unique thing about the music and culture in the 1600’s is that it was also healthy for the body. During the Elizabethan Era the people would gather together to dance and dance for hours, their stamina must have been incredible. Music was use to entertain most people. Before the music became a big part in people life during the Elizabethan Era theatre played a really big part during this time. It …show more content…

Did you know at times you would be dancing with a complete stranger and you could’ve been lucky enough to meet your dance partners, this made dancing all the more exciting in the Elizabethan Era time period. Not only did the people love to dance but they would dance for hours and hours a day. I love to dance but I could imagine how tired I would be after so many hours of dancing. We had two people to visit our school and what I learned about the women were that no matter what you would have great posture, reasons being is because they wore this body brace what we call girdles in this age of time. What the body brace would do is automatically sit the women up at all times. Even if women so much bend over it could break your ribs. They also told us about the theatre and how they would practice the stunts they do in most of the drama and actions plays. What many people didn’t know was that the person performing the stunts did very little movements and the person who the stunts was performed on did most of the work to make the stunt seem so real. All of Shakespeare plays were not very popular in that period of time like they are now and it’s amazing because most things they did we thought were weird and it flips during our age. It states on the that the history of the theater is fascinating. How plays were first produced in the yards of inns - the Inn-yards, the very first theater and development of the amphitheater. The

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