Embrace What the World has Given to You

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So I walk into the Hyderabad Airport with so many things running in my mind. Even though this is not my first time to New York, this moment I’m coming to live here rather than visiting for a quick holiday. But within a few weeks I realized the most important thing about moving to a completely different environment – you don't need to change yourself. All you need to alter is your perception.
My parents were more apprehensive than me. They believed that their son would return a much fairer, different, open and heavily accented individual. They had seen such stories multiple times on the television screen, and heard of it from other people, but never imagines it might happen to them as well. Irrespective of their presumptions, I ended up encountering many new places and experiences in just 6 months into this country. In this short span, I saw a tennis grand slam final, surfed, skied, gambled and even flew a plane for the first time visiting 6 main US cities across the country.
Unlike what I saw in all Hollywood movies, New York City wasn’t just about tall skyscrapers, busy subways and glittering downtown. Having spent my entire life in the brutal heat of Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Coimbatore, I was entering a climate that was chillingly different. It was hard to imagine not being able to wear shorts and slippers and walk about without jackets or coats on a daily basis. It's important to embrace the environment you enter, so you and it can maintain

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