an analysis of my cultural experience

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An Analysis of my cultural experience Arriving at a foreign country at the age of eleven years old was and exiting and yet intimidating experience. High buildings, wide roads, newer and nicer cars on the streets were some of the first things I noticed when I arrived to the city of Los Angeles CA. Living in a country where you were not born in could be difficult some times. Although Spanish is spoken at a grand scale in CA, it was difficult to communicate with and understand the teachers from my classes at the elementary level since all they spoke was English. Los Angeles is a city of great diversity, therefore it is believed to be the perfect place for any person arriving from another country to not feel like a foreign, such believe …show more content…

A Muslim could be anybody who believes in Allah and the Prophet Mohammed as his messenger. Men and women do not pray together, men gather in one place, usually at the front of the praying site and women pray at a different place behind them. They do it this way out of respect for women as Muslims believe women could be a distraction since men and women kneel several times during prayer. It is a custom for Muslims to pray five times throughout the day, they believe this will help them stay away from doing unholy acts as they have to pray at a certain time regardless of where they are. If prayer is done five times during the day they will have thoughts of Allah which will help them stay away from committing sins. My expectations before visiting mosque During the last eleven years I have worked at the department of motor vehicles. I have met many people from different backgrounds and cultures. While I worked at the Tempe office, I came across many people from the Middle East, mainly Arabs and people from Pakistan and India. It was through my dealings with Middle East people that I notice how friendly and accessible they are. It was then that an interest in finding more about this culture started. When I decided to visit a mosque as part this project I was not sure what to expect. My experience is divided in two, as I ended up visiting two different mosques. On Saturday January 24 around 12:45 pm I arrived at a mosque located in

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