Embryonic Stem-Cell Research Proposal

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potential to make the world a much better place, it is beyond many why people have not advocated more for legislation that increases funding for this type of research. These important steps forward in the history mankind have been limited by religious and anti-abortion groups and their beliefs, not by any legitimate legal concerns. The President of the United States has the final say in whether or not embryonic stem-cell research should be allowed to continue or if it should be funded more or less. For years this issue has been left alone, indicating the neutrality of many governments trying to please both sides. It is difficult to see any legislation being made concerning embryonic stem-cell research simply because the two sides, supporting and not, will most likely never see eye-to-eye. Embryonic stem-cells may not be the only source of pluripotent cells that science can find. Some of the keys to pluripotency have been discovered, although in a very limited fashion. Steve Mitchell writes about this in “Adult Stem Cells Potential…show more content…
Once again, the church proves to be a bit too conservative for the ever-changing world, where science is constantly advancing. Sometimes for the human race to truly advance, the loss of life may be necessary for the betterment of everyone. This net gain of life that is constantly seen when referencing embryonic stem-cell research should be regarded by everyone to be paramount. It can easily be seen that the potential scientific advance and discovery strongly outweigh any moral or legal implication imposed by religious or anti-abortion groups. Because embryonic stem-cell research has such a vast potential, it involves a net gain of life, and may eventually evolve to lose any legal or moral troubles, it should be considered one of the most useful and funded forms of scientific
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