Emergency Driving Procedures

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Emergency Driving Procedures Emergency situations sometimes arise that prevent your car from functioning properly. While these can be scary situations, it is important to remain calm, and know what to do when these situations arise. From brake failure to engine fires, always follow a few tips. How to Avoid Vehicle Malfunction 1. Although some vehicle malfunctions may not be avoidable, routine maintenance helps keep the vehicle functioning at its best. Get oil changes every three months or after every 3,000 miles of driving. Also have your mechanic check brake fluid levels and power steering fluid levels. Pay attention to gauges while driving. If the oil light or "check engine" light turn on, drive slowly, stay away from heavy…show more content…
If the car is parked in a safe location, call your mechanic or local tow truck company, and have the vehicle towed to a repair location. Do not try to flag down other traffic. Put the hood up on your vehicle and tie a white shirt or cloth to the your car antenna or window. If your car is safely removed from oncoming traffic, remain in the car with doors locked. If the car is still unsafe, move away from traffic and stand to the side of the
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