Emergency Maintenance Check Issued 007

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Star Captain Miles Avery ID 0064E7 Released Response Requested:: Emergency Maintenance Check Issued 007:1342:52:32. Chambers Decompressing… Cool air hits the back of my lungs. The ringing voice reverberating in my head brings me to my senses as rushing air follows the clink of a gear falling into place. Chambers Decompressed... Releasing Hatch... Environment Stabilized Until 007:1348:52:32. Hatch Released. A whirring sound pierces the silence. I pry open my eyes and see a fog billowing out into the halls of the Aspire-F:01, a state of the art ship designed in probing other planets for habitable ecosystems. Seven years the ship has been exploring our solar system and relaying information back to Atlas, a research station at the edges of an…show more content…
Slowly each character settles and after all the characters stop shifting I clear my throat. “A, E, Theta, E, R, Seven, Two, Six, Theta, B, Four, Six, Z, Y.” Password Correct:: Accessing Security Protocols... Emergency Response Requested:: Decompressing Atmosphere In Six Hours:: Tracking Collision Object F54… Parsing Error:: Gravity Sensors Malfunctioning:: Enabling Archimedes… A voice springs to life - this time that of a male. “Archimedes at your service Star Captain Avery!” With a smile I call back to the intelligence system. “Good to see you again Archimedes. Not a routine checkup this time I presume.” Archimedes processes for a second before speaking out “No routine checkup, more of an emergency situation. A parsing error had occurred when our routine checkup system was unable to calculate the mass, acceleration, or velocity of object F54, a small body about the size of Aspire and about twenty minutes away on shuttle.” I stand at the basin of the cube patiently tapping my fingers in an unknown rhythm. As my addled senses begin to focus I start to recollect my thoughts and proceed motion my hand over the cube and the empty space becomes overwhelmed with holograms. “Anything else?” Archimedes responds “There are three planetary bodies close to our ship that seem to be affecting our gravity sensors. However they are remote bodies so we couldn 't compensate for them. Nothing too large, eventually our ship will break out of its orbit

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