Emergency Preparedness Document Analysis

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are United States agencies that deal with the coordination of response plans and strategies. The two agencies provide emergency preparedness documents which contain various disaster management plans that can be used after certain disasters such as typhoons, floods, oil spills, and many other emergencies. FEMA and EPA emergency preparedness documents have a lot in common but also differ in some ways. Some of the similarities between FEMA and EPA documents include; both documents are created to provide emergencies that can lead to more communal harm if they are not controlled, are sometimes used in the same situations, and are from a careful and long government …show more content…

A good example of how these documents relate to action is during Hurricane Hugo in the Virgin Islands in which both FEMA and EPA were called to come up with their best emergency plans to control the damage done (Yavir 1991). Documents with similar strategies from both organizations were laid out and used in controlling the situation. This trend was improved in 2011 when FEMA and EPA signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which allows the two agencies to collaborate in disaster management. This document will alter some strategies from both agencies to ensure they work together without any conflicting factors during their operations (Memorandum of Agreement between FEMA and EPA 2011). John Harrald states in his article “Agility and Discipline: Critical Success Factors for Disaster Response” article that “social scientists and other disaster researchers have been documenting and describing the nonstructural factors such as improvisation, adaptability, and creativity that are critical to coordination, collaboration, and communication and successful problem solving (Harrald, 2006).” This portrays how agencies such as FEMA and EPA have come up with documented plans and strategies that are used during or after certain disasters that affect the organizations’ area of operation in disaster …show more content…

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