Emm A Short Story

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At 6:55 p.m., Emma arrived at David and Mary Margaret’s house right on time for dinner. Sighing, Emma turned off her car after her 45-minute drive and got out of the car. The Nolans lived pretty far away from her, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. Emma had driven back home after work that evening to get some much-needed rest. Her work was also 30 minutes away from her apartment. After spending at least an hour in a car, who wouldn’t be tired? Emma’s first day of work wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t bad. Albeit, it was her first day, but it was way easier than she thought it would be. It was very similar to her what she was doing in New York; research a case, make a plan, research some more, and catch the bail jumper. Simple and …show more content…

“I hope you're hungry, there's enough pasta to feed a tiny village. Granted, Mary Margaret will probably eat all of it,” he chuckled. “Hey!” Mary Margaret swatted him on the arm. Emma couldn't help but laugh. Emma had known the Nolans for awhile, and these friendly little banters were a normal thing. “You guys are dorks, you know that, right?” “Yes, and we love it,” David smirked. “But come on, sit, the food is on the table.” On the table, David set up three placemats with their own plate and fork. The sauce, pasta, and bread were put into their own containers so everyone could easily get what the wanted. It had been awhile since Emma sat down and had a homemade dinner, so it was nice to be able to eat with her closest friends. Throughout dinner, they all made small talk, mostly about their move and what they were doing at work. Emma also commented on David’s cooking and how she didn't know he could cook so well, but five months can change a man, especially his cooking. “So, Emma, how was your first day back at work?” David asked. “Um, it was pretty easy. I didn't do too much since it's just my first day, but I got to meet most of the people I’ll be working with. Everyone is really nice and very helpful. They gave me the case I’ll be working on, but besides that, today wasn't too busy.” “Well that's good,” he paused before he began to continue. “You know, Emma, you can always ask me for help. I’ll try my best to do whatever I

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