Emma by Jane Austen: "She is Loveliness Itself"

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We all at one point had a crush on someone and realize it too late. We seem to realize it the moment that person is no longer available. On the other hand, you and your friend has a crush on the same person and neither of you known that the other likes him until one of you reveals it by going out with the person. Maybe you were never in one of these situations but I am sure you have seen it or heard about it at some point. It is a very common occurrence therefore it is a story line that catches attention. In the novel, Emma by Jane Austen this storyline is hinted at throughout the story. As the reader, you almost see it coming but are still surprised by it.
Jane Austen Jane Austen was born in 1775 in England. She was the second to last of eight kids and the youngest daughter of two. Her family was not poor nor were they very well off. They were more middle class. Growing up Jane went to a boarding school for two years then finished her education at home from her Oxford-educated father and her aristocratic mother. Jane’s love for reading and writing came from being able to read from her father’s collection of five hundred books. There she found out that books could take her anywhere and she wanted to write her own stories. She began writing in her early teens and finished three novels by age twenty-three. Having support from her family, Jane decided to try to publish her novels. She published them anonymous and got good and bad responses. She later rewrote some of her

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