Emotional Analysis Of Ian Fisher : American Soldier

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Craig Walker, a journalist for the Denver Post followed 18 year old Ian Fisher through his first two years at the peak of the Iraq war. (Walker). The series over the American Soldier enlistment after the September eleventh terrorist attack won him the Pulitzer Prize. He singled out on soldier and was allowed to photograph the soldiers entire time from enlistment till he came home from war. The photograph is of a terrified american soldier with an injured elbow who is seated by a I Want You for the U.S Army poster that is hung above an empty, black rolling chair with ARMY in bright yellow letters. Craig Walker’s eye opening photograph “Ian Fisher: American Soldier” captures feelings of shocks, and immobility for a young American male to enlist into the United States Army after the fall of the World Trade Center. Through the use of Ian Fisher and a clock Mr. walker captures the feelings of a young soldier who is shocked and stuck in time. His posture immobile revealed that he is cradling his injured elbow. The facial expression on Ian also displays the fear and surprise he has encountered in the first two days of basic training. The raw emotion captures the audience attention. The gaze of the soldier is looking beyond almost lost. His uniform because of the lighting is a dull camouflage emphasising the emotion of fear. The clock hung above Ian is stopped at twelve forty in the afternoon with a glare across this symbol of time. All the young men have stopped their

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