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EMOTIONAL BEHAVIOR DISORDER IN EDUCATION FONDA D. BYERSON GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY April 15, 2012 INTRODUCTION: Education is a very important part of society and weighs heavily on human development. It is presented to lay the foundation of knowledge and intellectual welfare for all people. However people being different physically, mentally, and emotionally brings in all types of groups. The diversity in society provides specific challenges for educators sworn to provide an equal effective educational opportunity for all they must have a plan of action to teach all students in their classroom. With more and more classes becoming inclusive educators are more likely than not to have at least one student who…show more content…
Having the parent as an active member provides the bridge to all the players involved. Without the cooperation of the parent it could cause a negative affect the educational opportunity for the student. The administrator is the powerful member of the team having the authority to give the teachers to improvise with special and new ideas to deals with EBD students and also being able to have assessment done and stay within the guidelines provided by the IDEA. The administer can also change zero tolerance policy to allow students with EBD to have certain privileges that will allow the students to feel like they were not discriminated against. According to various and unclear definition of EBD it is hard to distinguish an accurate diagnosis of a student. As a team we would have to individually evaluate the student of specific characteristics, and use have medical reports to come up with an accurate diagnosis maybe even follow up with a psychological testing. Having all with this information may help in establishing services for these students. As a team we would have to come up with our own group definition to make sure we are all on the same page when trying to diagnosis student. Just relying on the expertise of all the members of the team and using the knowledge and expertise of each to come up with the definitions needed to provide distinct

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