Emotional Topic of Raising Minimum Wage Essay

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The word minimum wage brings so many emotions to many people around the world. For some, it brings a sense of hope of providing for their family on a day to day basis. While many others it's just a paycheck that is longed for a higher amount. Then they see an ads online, on the television and printed documents. It's repeatedly saying how the government is going to raise the minimum wage rate of 7.25 to 10.00. Many people say that if the us government should raise the wage, different age groups of people should receive a different pay and then they have others including myself who just don't agree with that at all. There are people all around the world who work to afford to keep a roof over their head and have to support other with their …show more content…

It was all stated in the article "Equality and Human Rights Commission. It goes to show that all of the things a person worked so hard for isn’t alway appreciated. So if the government actually raise the minimum wage the whole cost of living will raise which will make it harder for people to pay bills. If the wage raise bill collectors will think hey let me raise these bills so i can get more money.Many people think its just a raise and it can’t really affect anybody. So this raise wouldn’t really help anybody. People shouldn’t get a set pay because of their age because its going to get them in a mindset of being a non-hardworking person. it is greatly explained in the article “Some People Don’t Deserve a Living Wage” by Matt Walsh. its believed that younger people such as tens should get lower pay because they have no experience and they are just developing good work ethics. also many young people don’t have much responsibility as the older age group do. but you can’t judge a handful of a certain age group and think it represents everyone. Some teens can have the same responsibility as some adult if not more. To conclude that equal pay can’t work for everyone. people go through many situations based on age and should be paid based on that. some things that can can work for someone with no responsiblilities cannot for those who have a billion responsibilities. a child and their parents can’t make the same amount of money on a day to day basics. let people

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