Emotions And The Learning Process

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Emotions are a big part in everyone’s life. Happiness, loneliness, anger, excitement are emotions that are expressed everyday no matter where we are or what we are doing. “Do emotions help or obstruct the learning process?” This is an example of questions asked about emotions and the learning process and how it impacts the student. (Dirkx, 2001). I will be discussing the relationship between emotions and the learning process in adult learning.
In my youth I had a problem with public speaking and when I needed to perform a presentation I’d rather not do the assignment and fail than present the task. I would let my emotions take over my decisions and reason. Emotions play a big role on our actions and decisions. It could be a positive effect or a negative effect; it depends on how much control you are willing to give your emotions to know the outcome of the situation. In my circumstances I let them take control and the effect was negative because I let it be an obstacle that led to failure instead of being a stepping stone for success.
The value level of emotions is pretty high for me because they have an effect in the way I learn and am able to relate to the information I am given. I have learned that if I am positive and have an open mind I will be able to have a higher understanding of the task at hand and will have greater knowledge.
In the article “The Power of Feelings” it stated that “dominant views of this relationship suggest that emotions are important in adult

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