Emotions In Othello

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“The Tragedy of Othello Written by Shakespeare" highlights a variety of emotions. Act 3 of "The Tragedy of Othello Written by Shakespeare” gave the reader a view of how emotions
Partlow IV were adapted in a speeded process, for example, how Othello started off as a calm character but became insecure and filled with emotions such as, hatred, anger, and depression. Which leads the reader to the emotions of characters in Act 4. Othello was eating dinner with Desdemona, Lodovico, and Emilia where he lashed out at Desdemona ordering her to go to bed and to send Emilia away. Desdemona and Emilia went off to the bedroom and Emilia wanted to know how she dealt with Othello acting “strange?” (Shakespeare: Act 3, Scene 3, Page 3) Desdemona replied “I love Othello, so much that I would rather be with him, even when he's being totally strange, than live without him.” (Shakespeare: Act 3, Scene 3, Page 3) Her quote conveys the emotion of love because even when she is treated wrong by Othello, she does not want to detach from him. Research shows that women do not show favor in detaching from an abusive relationship because “some women remain emotionally and/or economically dependent on the batterer despite the fact that they face continued abuse if they stay with the abuser.” (Domestic Violence/PBS, Public Broadcasting Service, Accessed 28 Sept. 2017./Domestic Violence) In addition to Act 4, Iago continuous his plan of making Othello

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