Empathetic Decline

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Over the past 30 years, people have demonstrated a declining empathetic behaviour. Sara H. Konrath of the University of Michigan, theorizes that empathetic decline is linked to social isolation. The theory resonates with me as I can understand the isolating effects of class segregation, technology and far-away communities and how this isolation can lead to declining empathy. A common form of social isolation is class segregation. This separation between the wealthy and the less privileged can lead to a lack of empathy in both groups. Because of the differences of their circumstances, neither group has a common point of reference. Without any commonality, empathy cannot be cultivated. Without a commonality, empathy cannot be achieved. Similarly, the social isolation which technology can pose can also lead to a lack of empathy . …show more content…

People waste their time amusing themselves with video games and computer programs. By doing this, they miss out on human interactions. Without these interactions, people stall development of necessary social skills, such as relating to someone else - a required component of empathy. Isolation can also take place in large cities, far away from small communities , leading to empathetic decline. Since the far-away communities are not on the radar and focus of large cities, the problems small communities face are not held in high priority by large cities. By doing this, large cities demonstrate a selfish streak, as they have no care for the issues outside their borders. Without this care, empathy cannot be felt! Upon close analysis, it is clear to see how social isolation can by a deterring factor in declining empathy, a theory suggested by Sara H.

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