Empathy for the Character Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Empathy for the Character Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

I believe deep down everyone has felt like they themselves where Hamlet.
They can empathize with some of the emotions Hamlet was feeling, the grief and the sorrow, the abandonment and resentment. Not many carry their fantasy as far as Hamlet did. Shakespeare wrote of a man who had to face the great loss. Not the loss of his beloved father or of his lover Ophelia, but he lost himself in a world of make-believe where he could regain the control that he lost in his life.
In the beginning Hamlet comes home to mourn the passing of his father. Then within two months the Queen, Hamlet's mother, marries the brother of her old husband. This enrages Hamlet. His mother
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It was as his friends had said; it did appear to be his fathers ghost. The one thing that changed Hamlet then happened. The ghost looked at him and divulged his secret. He told a story that a serpent crept into his garden while he was asleep, and that "the serpent that did sting thy father's life, now wears his crown." (I, v, 39) Hamlet did not take this news lightly. He could not believe his uncle could and would kill his father. The ghost then forced Hamlet to swear to get revenge.
Hamlet cannot shake the feeling that the ghost might not have been who he said to be. So he conjured up a devious scheme. He decided the only way to get the information he wanted without looking like he was committing treason was by acting completely crazy. He asks Ophelia's father if he had a daughter, and he walks around spouting nonsense. Polonius runs to the king and queen to tell them "the very cause of Hamlet's lunacy." (II, ii, 50) He claims Hamlet is crazy because of his undying love for his daughter. That Hamlet could not handle it when he told his daughter to ignore him. The king bought it but I think the queen knows her son better than the story would have you believe.
Hamlet believed the only way to get the truth about his father's suspicious death was by getting a reaction out of his uncle. He came up with an idea of a play where the characters acted a scene like what happened in real life.
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