Shakespeare's Hamlet was an Overthinker and Complex Philosopher

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Hamlet's tragic flaw was that he either considered things too much, or he acted on impulse but out of passion and not reason, which leads to his downfall. Hamlet was an over thinker and a complex philosopher who wanted revenge on his father’s death. Things don’t go as planned as Hamlet’s two opposite flaws change things. One of Hamlet’s flaws, procrastination, is shown in the prayer scene when he has the opportunity to kill Claudius and get revenge on his father’s death, and he doesn’t take it. His second flaw completely opposite from the first, was acting on impulse out of passion making him kill the wrong man, Polonius. Hamlet’s acting out of passion and anger not only killed the wrong man but it was also Ophelia’s father, causing her to …show more content…

From the beginning of his and his mother’s conversation Hamlet was very angry and on edge with her for being with his father’s murderer. Hamlet somehow knew someone was eavesdropping on their conversation as he had been spied on previously. He suddenly decides to act out of fury thinking how angry he was at Claudius and kills who’s behind the curtain, thinking it was Claudius. Hamlet realizes after that he killed the wrong man, it had been Polonius that he killed but he didn’t care much saying that Polonius was a fool. Hamlet sees the ghost again after and the ghost tells Hamlet he still must carry out his revenge for his father because he had failed .

Hamlet’s act on impulse not only killed the wrong man but it killed Ophelia’s father Polonius. This is a very traumatic experience for Ophelia since her boyfriend killed her father. Hamlet and Ophelia were in love before Polonius refused Ophelia to see Hamlet. At an earlier scene Hamlet and Ophelia meet to talk and Hamlet knows it is set up and that she had took her father’s side. Ophelia was very close with her father and was devastated when hamlet killed him. She realized she wouldn’t be able to run to him with her problems anymore and since she didn’t have Hamlet anymore either she realized how hopeless and powerless she is without a man in her life. Shortly after her father’s death Ophelia starts to go crazy

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