Employee Attitude and Satisfaction in a Prison

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Employee Attitude and Satisfaction in a Prison Name Course Professor's Name Date of Submission Employee Attitude and Satisfaction in a Prison: As a new warden at a large prison in America, I have noticed that the prison is plagued with several physical quarrels and gang loyalties that are divided along racial lines. In addition, the prison staff has had several problems that are related to racial identity as evident in staff arrangement based on racial groups during a turnout before shift-change. When the prison tried to plan for diversity training, there was a record-breaking employee absenteeism as well as increased employee disputes and arguments. It's quite evident that employees attitude in this prison is significantly affected by racial groupings, which in turn has a major effect on their job satisfaction. This paper examines the issue of employee attitude and satisfaction at the prison, which is characterized with difficult working environment and ineffective attempts to enhance employee racial relations. The evaluation is based on the use of several sources whose credibility is based on the publishers and their contributions to the criminal justice field. Employee Attitudes in an Organization: Employee attitudes can be described as their viewpoints by workers regarding various aspects of their job responsibilities, careers, and organizations. Nonetheless, the most significant and widely recognized attitude of an employee in an organization is associated with
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