Employee Call Ins On Second Shift

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Date: April 9, 2016 To: Kelly Stacey, Warden From: Chakia Bradford Subject: Employee Call-Ins on Second Shift Decreasing Employee Call-Ins on Second Shift Executive Summary: Decreasing employee call-ins on second shift. For every call in that is made, that make the shift short. Some Texas prisons hold up to at least 3000+ offenders in their facility. Which sometimes only leave some facilities with 30 correctional officers for work that day. Introductions: Correctional officers are taught a lot about understanding and not so much is said about laziness during their training and mentorship phases. Many people didn’t know that laziness or the lack of feeling and emotions is the opposite of compassion and that it can be caused by many …show more content…

Possible Solutions 1. Executing a new administration style All employees are given the same training when they accept the job offer as a correctional officer. If a person is not able then they do not get to complete the training academy and advance to their assigned units. Supervisors also assign the correctional officers to definite positions on a daily basis according to his/her work abilities. If the officer has a lot of experience he/she is placed in positions where there is less supervision. However, lately the supervisors have seemed to want to micro-manage the officers that do not need supervision rather than to be around the officers that need the support. The administration style needs to change so that the experienced officers can feel like they are reliable in their positions. 2. Bi-weekly shift meetings The easiest way to address the lack of teamwork and unprofessionalism would be to have a shift meeting bi-weekly. The bi-weekly meetings could either be formal or informal. Occasionally the meeting could be held in a formal setting like a conference room. These formal meetings would point out what the present issues are and how to perhaps make them better. They could also assign groups within the shift to work with for a month and then rotate the groups with different people each month. This would help everyone to really get to know each other and possibly

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