Employment Cycle

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SA Establishment M Uncorrected sample pages • Cambridge University Press • © Somers, Cain, Jeffery 2011 • 978-1-107-63549-4 • Ph 03 8671 1400 PL Strategic business objectives Human resources planning Employment cycle Maintenance Termination What’s ahead E 10 ManageMent of the eMployMent cycle PL demand and supply of labour, succession planning and the overall management of the three phases of the employment cycle: establishment, maintenance and termination. Key Knowledge Students will learn the following about management practices and processes associated with the key phases of the employment cycle: SA – Establishment phase – human resource planning related to business strategy – job analysis and job…show more content…
By effectively addressing the above considerations, an organisation can be in a position to forecast those areas where it will have either an excess or a shortage of personnel. The necessary plans will then need to be made to either overcome the shortage (recruit) or reduce the excess (redundancy). figure 10.2 Many people are now working past the usual retirement age. to as ‘grey power’, followed by Generation Xs who are advancing in age and level of experience, but likely to remain longer working with one employer. Generation Y employees are more ‘tech savvy’, and looking for a leadership style that focuses more on emotional intelligence rather than command and control. • Change in strategic direction of organisations either by choice or necessity. Many organisations have chosen a strategy of
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