Employment Discrimination Against Individuals Based On Age, Race, National Origin, Or Sex, And Language

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Introduction This new generation brings new challenges that in the past were taboo. In the sixties and seventies, a hippie was widely accepted, but now being transgender is not favorable. The hiring process has many different attributes that employers have to deal with. Some aspects include physical appearance, lifestyle, and language. For several decades, the law has forbidden discrimination against individuals based on age, race, national origin, or sex, and these factors should not be in job specifications or recruitment advertisements (Shaw, 2014, 284). Employment discrimination against physical appearance, lifestyle, and language is not only wrong but also unethical.
I. Physical Appearance Psychologists have long known that people form impressions of others purely based on their appearance (Duarte, Siegel, & Young, 2012, p.2455). Today’s society puts great importance on people’s physical appearance (Yang, & Stoeber, 2012, p.69). Not everyone can be have a size 2 Victoria Secret model body or look like Duane Johnson (The Rock). Veterans have a harder time getting jobs now because of their physical characteristics after the Iraqi war. Perfect looks are highly valued because they symbolize success, happiness, and being loved and admired by others; consequently, many people strive to look perfect, and many others are concerned about their physical appearance worrying that they may not look perfect (Yang, & Stoeber, 2012, p.69). The Civil Rights

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