Essay on Employment and Job Description Task

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8/7/13 Louise Preston Task one: 1.1 The aspects that are covered by the UK law are things like minimum wage, hours work, discrimination, health and safety, holiday entitlement, redundancy and dismissal, training and others like disciplinary procedures, union rights and consultation. The laws of labor cover the things between the employee and the employer. The health and safety laws cover the work conditions, minimum wage and other laws set basic compensation levels. The UK also has the disability act, manual handling operations and regulations, data protection act. 1.2 The main features of the current employment legislation are covered in three main things, Equalities and discrimination law and health and safety. 1.3 The reason why…show more content…
2.4 The personal information that must be kept up to date is your name, address, date of birth, education and qualifications, work experience, national insurance number, tax code, details of any known disability and emergency contact details. 2.5 The agreed way with working with my employer is I have a contract with my employer and my employer has a contract with me. While I have to take care of the company by working my boss has to take care of me. In my contract it has things to do with Data protection, grievance procedure, conflict management, anti- discriminatory practice, equality and diversity and health and safety. Task 3: 3.1 Explain how own role fits within the delivery of the service provided. As a nursery nurse what is your role within the nursery. What responsibilities are expected of you - and which aren't. e.g. you may monitor the wellbeing of the children, make sure they have appropriate play etc, aware of safety issues, but you wouldn't be involved in the finances, building upkeep, waiting lists. A junior nursery nurse would have different issues to a more senior one. So what do you do - and how does that fit into the overall nursery environment. 3.2 Explain the effect of own role on service provision. 3.3 Describe how own role links to the wider sector. 3.4
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