Endangered Animals Essay

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“Small things can make a big difference” is a worldwide famous saying, which has been passed on for generations, and although can be thought of in many positive ways, also applies to major problems, such as endangered animals. After digging deeper into this topic, I noticed that one endangered animal can (to some extent) change the lifestyle of humans, the population of other animals, and even the ecosystem, causing a mass domino effect. This helped me realize that endangered animals were causing many dangers to the species, as well as humans too. I divided my research into three increasingly threatening effects that have been caused by the endangerment of animals, disruptions of the food chain, loss of biodiversity, and change to the environment of the ecosystems affected. As I looked further into the topic, I noticed that the symbiotic relationship with animals is greatly affected if one gets endangered. One example is the relationship between the clownfish and sea anemone. In this symbiotic relationship, the sea anemone thickens the protective layer of mucus to the degree that it is 3 to 4 times thicker than other fish, provides food, and shelter. In return, the clownfish cleans, fertilizes, and scares away other fish from the sea anemone. If one animal is suddenly completely diminished in that population, the other animal would be diminished or endangered as well. This could continue to affect other species that were even faintly connected to the two animals and

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