Endangered Animals

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The world is facing many serious issues in this day and time. One of the major one is endangered species. These organisms are living on the edge of extinction. There are many things that threaten these species like loss of habitat, lack of food, hunting and many more. The victim of this horrendous crime against living organisms is the fastest running mammal called Cheetah, scientifically known as “Acinonyx jubatus”.
Cheetahs are true carnivores which means they depend on meat for survival. They use high speed to easily hunt their prey. Primary diet of cheetah consists of springbok, ostriches, impala, deer, gazelles, warthogs, birds, hares, young zebras etc. These animals tend to target younglings because of the greater rate of success. And while hunting these species like to stalk their prey for 10- 50m and then start sprinting towards it. During this time frame, their bodies are under immense strain and pressure as a result their body temperature rises to its highest.
These mammals live in the dry grasslands of sub- Saharan Africa, and in eastern and southern parks. Some can also be found in southern Algeria, northern Niger and Iran. Today Namibia has the largest population of cheetahs living in Africa. It is very hard to believe that these species use to roam around nearly all of Africa and much of Asia, but now they are driven out of 91% of its historic range. These animals are nearly extinct in Asia, only around 50 of these individual are living in isolated areas of

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