Endangering The Phoaching Of Animals

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Around the world today, animals are being poached illegally for sport or for their body parts. The number of extinctions has increased dramatically over the past decade with extinction rates skyrocketing as other species are left endangered. International law should be enforced to eliminate poaching of animals. Species that are hunted to extinction or endangerment prevent future generations from studying the species or enjoy the sight of them. When species go extinct the ecosystem surrounding the animal would spiral into disaster as the system becomes unbalanced. Humans are also affected as businesses that are based around the animals being poached decline as their main source of attraction dwindle in numbers. Within the past hundreds of years, animal influence has had an immense impact on current day technology. Bats helped invent the first airplane while spider silk helped produce the first kevlar vest. By observing these creature we have been able to make extraordinary inventions. So why kill them? How is it just for someone to kill an animal just for its coat or horn. Poachers in africa and south asia poached rhinos and elephants to near extinction. Poacher most often killed them for the ivory contained in their horns. After retrieving the horn, most poachers leave the injured or dead beast to fend for itself. The horns of rhinos and elephants are key to their survival. They used to find mates, protect themselves and their young, and to find food. When these animals go

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