Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

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Chapter 1: Two voices describe how Ender is going to be the one to save the planet from the Buggers. Ender gets his monitor removed and is still an outcast. When Ender returns to school one of the class bullies, Stilson, starts picking on Ender. Ender starts a fight with Stilson and gets him on the ground and continues beating him. Chapter 2: Ender cries to Valentine about losing his monitor and Peter is mad because of how Ender was better then him and him and had it longer. Peter and Ender play a game called Buggers and Astronauts Peter threatens to kill Ender then laughs about it. Ender cries at night and then Peter comes into his room and apologizes to Ender and tell him he loves him. Chapter 3: There is a knock at the door while Ender and his family are eating dinner, it is a commander of the International Fleet and want Ender to go to battle school. Ender got his Monitor taken off but Colonel Graff had his final test to see how he reacted without the monitor. Ender’s reason for continually hurting Stilson was to make sure that Stilson did not hurt him again and Colonel graph approves and convinces Ender to go to Battle School. Chapter 4: Ender goes to launch station to go to battle school, and he again an outsider as he boards the spaceship. He is the only one not laughing and talking to friends. On the way to Battle School Ender laughs at colonel Graff for standing straight up in a zero gravity zone because he could be upside down. Colonel Graff calls Ender out

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