Ending Human Essay

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The year is 2056. New advancements in biomedical technology created by Carl Hammen have created huge companies that have more power than usual. Jason Rove is head of security of one such company, Firus industries which is located in Houston TX. Jason is a tall, muscular, and a dark looking man of age 30. He always has his hair up in a thrown-off spike with a thin beard lining the bottom of his face. His wife is Alexandria Rove who is Firus’s top scientist. The NHO (natural human organization) is working hard to abolish human cyborg technology claiming that the mechanized human body part replacements don’t actually help people and the human body rejects the limbs.
Today was supposed to be a normal day for Jason. He made his rounds, …show more content…

Or, at least what was left of it. All of the tables full of beakers, instruments, and new robotic limbs were gone leaving only a few shards of glass on the bare tile floors. Two men with NHO tags on their shoulders were beating on the door to the lounge. Jason quietly snuck up behind them, lined up a shot with the skull of the one on the left and pulled the trigger. Boom! Dead. The other man whipped around but Jason was quick and tackled him. A long struggle ended with the sickening “pop” of the soldiers neck. Jason typed in a passcode and the lounge door squeaked open. “Oh thank God!” Jason heard a familiar voice say from inside the lounge. He was suddenly embraced by his wife. She let go of him after a few seconds. “Sorry” a deep voice said menacingly behind Jason. Suddenly a sharp pain in Jason’s right shoulder made his fall to the ground, blood pouring from the freshly made hole through his shoulder. A huge cyborg man kneeled beside him. “Your God has left you.” The last thing Jason saw as he fainted was Alexandria being dragged away by the hooded man with the large augmented man walking next to him. This time Jason woke up in an much more familiar place. He was in the bed of his apartment in downtown Houston 6 blocks away from the Firus facility. He went over to his computer and booted it up. A familiar burnt orange background with black stripes lit up in front of his eyes on the monitor. A new

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