Energy Drinks And Athletic Performance

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Introduction Energy drinks, are beverages that contain large doses of sugar (up to a quarter cup per can), caffeine and other ingredients, like the stimulatory herb Guarana and the amino acid Taurine. Dr. Erin Duchan, a pediatrician and co-author of a review of the current science about energy drinks for athletes, published recently in The Physician and Sports Medicine, said “There’s good evidence that caffeine is ergogenic (substance used for the purpose of enhancing performance) “ and “it can, in the right circumstances, improve athletic performance.’ (Duchan, 2014) The aim of this investigation is to see whether Mother energy drinks increase athletic performance. The hypothesis that will be tested is that ‘If a person consumes an energy drink they will run further in the beep test.’ The independent variable is the Energy drink and the dependent variable is the athletic performance – how long someone can run the beep test until they can no longer run. In this investigation there are various factors that need to be kept constant in order to achieve the best results, these include the environment – the place it is performed e.g. if one is performed on a tennis court the second one will need to be performed on a tennis court, the weather conditions should be similar, the energy drink – type and amount, participants, time of day practical is performed and participants should wear similar clothing in each test – same shoes (running shoes) and type of clothing, Ethics
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