Energy, Renewable And Renewable Energy

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Energy Future Energy has been a major part of humanity ever since the first human learned how to harness safety, warmth, and energy from fire. Today, with seven billion humans on Earth, it is possible that our constant need for energy could destroy our beautiful and fragile planet. One way to solve this problem is to start using renewable energies such as solar and wind.
There are two types of energy, renewable and nonrenewable. Fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum for example, are a non are-renewable energy. They cannot be recreated once used and they take hundreds of millions of years to form, much longer than the history of humanity. The other less popular methods such as hydropower and solar power on the other hand, are renewable energy. They can produce energy at a constant rate and can be recreated by one way or another. (Micah and Warhol)
To find the solution to energy problem, find the problem first, take a look at our current energy sources and find the problems. The first thing people think of when talking about fuel is gasoline or diesel, both of which come from petroleum. Petroleum is a fossil fuel that releases heat as energy when burned. The heat released from burning drive turbines, air cylinders that can power machinery. Petroleum is used mostly as fuel to engines such as cars and planes. (EPA) Petroleum is important for allowing the modern world that we know to exist.
But even with these easy to see benefits, petroleum is not and should not be the

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