Energy Sources Of Renewable Energy

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1. Introduction. Nowadays, with the continuous increase in the demand for energy consumption resulted by both population and socioeconomic growth, making it a priority to satisfy such a demand for all developed countries. This report aims initially to focus on the energy situation in the United Kingdom, and then present two forms of energy conventional energy in specific coal, and renewable energy which is wind energy, and will finally recommend the most suitable one after comparing and contrasting them considering both the cost and environment in different aspects. 2. Background Information. Having relied on conventional energy sources for so many years which cannot renew themselves at a sufficient rate for sustainable economic extraction, as well as the growth of energy demand causing global energy crisis nowadays, it is becoming clearer than ever that all the countries have to look for other alternatives to try to tackle this issue. Therefore, renewable energy is considered to be a long term solution that might be able to replace the traditional forms of energy in the future. For instance, in the UK according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, (2012), the primary consumption of electricity increased by 1.2% in 2012, at the same time the production of fuel dropped by 7.3%, additionally, the Office for National Statistics predicts a population growth of 1.3% by 2037. This illustrates that with the growth of demand for energy supplying as well as the predicted

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